What is Creative Open Play?

Creative Open Play is an after school session that is intentionally guided with creativity and learning at the forefront.  This is not your typical after school program.  

At Whimsical Wonderings, we are firm believers in the power of learning centers (or interest centers, as some call them).  A learning center is a space that is created to allow easy access to a variety of learning materials in an interesting and productive manner. These centers are set up around the room, each one focusing on a different concept or theme. 

Centers may include a game, hands-on educational activity, writing prompt, craft, puzzle, or an open concept (left for the students to interpret in their own creative way)!  Students may make puppets, write poetry, draw, and make their own board game one day, then act out a story, make a craft, have a math facts competition, and write a song the next.  The possibilities are endless!

Our Creative Open Play sessions include ever-changing centers where students can work by themselves or with others. Each center is set up with a specific skill in mind, all creative in nature, and students are supported through their exploration.  Students are allotted a specific amount of time for each center and have the opportunity to rotate through all centers over the course of the Creative Open Play session.  

Creative Centers are developed with children from kindergarten to fifth in mind.  

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