Creativity in Adulthood

It is said that, as we age, creativity declines.  Have you ever watched a child at play?  They can weave a story using a crayon, stick, and pile of dirt.  Children are creative beings by nature.  Sadly, we often stifle their creativity by creating boxes we, as a society, believe they should fit into.

As the years go by, societal expectations, trauma, work life, electronics, and life in general pull us away from a creative world and into a busy hamster race.  As adults, we often have to choose creativity, make time for it, and encourage it in ourselves and others.

Whimsical Wonderings has been created to inspire creativity in adults and children alike.  As a couple of creative individuals (a musician and teacher/artist), we believe creativity is paramount to a full life.  It brings us joy to be creative!  

While many of our classes are currently child-centered (yes, this is the teacher talking), we are adding more and more adult classes to the mix.  Keep your eyes on that calendar!  

Today, I would like to invite you to join us for Morning Jam.  Morning Jam is simply a creative space/time for adults only.  Grab a coffee (we even have a little coffee bar), some crafting or drawing/painting supplies, and enjoy the music (different genres each week), while getting creative with new friends.  

Morning Jam takes place on Thursdays from 11:00 a.m.-noon.  Registration is required to reserve your spot.  We look forward to stretching our creative muscles with new friends.  

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