About Whimsical Wonderings

Hello! My name is Amy Daumit and I’m the founder of Whimsical Wonderings. I never really fit the mold in today’s school system, and found my way as an entrepreneur, aspiring to create the best possible learning environment for every type of student. Whimsical Wonderings allows me to use my love of education and creativity to work with children and adults who want to expand their learning and creativity.



With over 15 years of teaching experience, I’ve taught Pre-K through 7th grade in both the public and private realms. I hold dual degrees and certifications in Elementary and Early Childhood Education, as well as Gifted Education and ESOL.

Educational Management

Throughout my career, I’ve worked as an Area Manager, Center Director, and Director of Education at Sylvan Learning Centers. I’ve also operated and managed multiple homeschool co-ops and micro-schools. 

Curriculum Development

During the course of my educational career, I’ve worked with numerous boards and groups, furthering the development of curriculum and best education practices for the elementary and early childhood years.

Whimsical Wonderings

Whimsical Wonderings was created as an outlet for creativity in education. 

Whimsical Wonderings is a place where WONDER is encouraged, creativity is celebrated, and busy hands make for magical experiences.  It is a Creative Arts Learning Space where arts and crafts co-mingle with history and language arts.  Where literature and writing are art forms. Where dance and drama are core subjects.  Whimsical Wonderings is a space where students can come and LIVE CREATIVELY.